Descriptive essay: Adrian Peterson

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  • Published : April 3, 2013
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Dionte Richards
English Comp1
Descriptive essay
Adrian Peterson is known as a running back for the Minnesota Vikings. He is a role model who shows pride and courage in every down he plays even through all of his trials and tribulations he faced. This phenomenal man is an exciting player who gets people excited, ecstatic, or whatever type of joy you could possibly have when you see him run the football. He just makes you want to watch the game of football. The people who followed or knew Adrian Peterson since he was young would say those words. Because he can do it all he will either break multiple tackles, make you look silly or just run past you, and just show how determined he was to dominate the game of football all the way from little league to the national football league. That’s why Adrian person should be considered as the greatest running back in history even though he is still in his prime.

Adrian Peterson is a natural born athlete. Both of his parents played sports. His dad Nelson Peterson played basketball and his mother Bonita Brown was a world class track athlete who was also a three time champion as a sprinter. With these genetics they brought a freak of nature into the world, from his mother speed and his dad athleticism. As a young boy Adrian Peterson was a hyperactive child who couldn’t stop moving while his peers would fall asleep. Also he had an older brother who was killed by a drunk driver. This was the start of Adrian Peterson facing tragedy as a young child. Therefore he would deal with his pain through sports. Later on Adrian would learn from his dad how to run the football. His father taught him instead of eluding tacklers attack them head on meaning don’t let them hit you first you initiate the contact. After this statement was said this was the beginning of Adrian Peterson.

Some called Adrian Peterson a freak of nature, because he was somebody you will tell your grandkids about someday. At the age of 13 Adrian...
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