Descriptive Essay About Maharajah's Feast

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  • Published : October 8, 2008
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Maharajah's Feast

The time is set around the 1940s when Britain's military and government occupied India. Dr. Indiana Jones, Willie and Shorty were guests of the Prime Minister at the Maharajah's feast in the Pankot Palace.

Pankot Palace, a beautiful, elaborate retreat somewhere in remote India. We enter the dining hall where the room is smoke filled and hazy from dozens of candles and incense burning. High ceilings adorn sheer, brightly colored fabrics and crystal chandeliers. The music sounds like a Bhangra dance-oriented type of folk music with a strong drum and tambourine sound. The dancers spin in the background with their beautifully bright orange and red Sari dresses flowing and jewels ringing as their feet move across the floor. They clang finger chimes as their hips move back and forth.

There are many large security guards standing strategically around the feasting table dressed in palace robes and turbans. The long table is covered with a white linen tablecloth, silver and pewter platters, goblets and utensils that reflect the candlelight. There are several people seated on bright pink and red satin pillows. They surround the table awaiting the servants to bring their feast. The majority of the men seated look like Indian dignitaries dressed in jeweled turbans and robes. They all have dark hair with long mustaches.

At the head of the table sits young Maharajah. He looks like he is ten years old but gives off a royal, spoiled prince-like sense. He is dressed in a white and red robe and turban covered in gold and jewels. He is sleepy and bored and yawns as the others talk. Dr. Jones, a distinguished, adventurous scientist dressed in a brown wool suit with a tie and silver reading glasses is seated across from his sidekick Shorty, a young Asian boy dressed in a New York Yankees baseball cap that is faded and dirty and a tan plaid shirt also with an American woman named Willie with shiny, wavy, long blonde hair dressed...
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