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Topics: Computer, Random-access memory, Political spectrum Pages: 1 (389 words) Published: March 14, 2012

My Laptop is a very valuable tool required for this program. I use my Laptop daily for school work and projects. Appearance:
My laptop has a power button on the top left of the base right under the screen. It has an indigo blue light in the centre of it. A keyboard centred on the base with extra functions such as, turning on/off the display. A touch pad a little off centre to the left below the keyboard and a 15.6” semi glossy screen that I can see my reflection. It is from "Acer" and the model is "Aspire”. The Acer symbol is centred under the display screen. The weight of this model with the battery is about 2kg the same as a math text book. There is a built it camera right above the screen and to the right of it a very small hole where the microphone is located. It has a HDMI output on the left of the base as well as a VGA. There are 3 usb inputs, one on the left beside the HDMI and two on the right of the base. There is a hidden “SD card” reader on the front of the base to the left of the laptop. Last we have the power plug located left of the power button. Major Parts - Inside this laptop has:

A processor by “Intel” and the full name of it is "Pentium P6200". It is an electronic circuit which executes computer programs. RAM (Random access memory) ram size for this Acer is approximately 4GB and that helps improve its speed. A Hard Drive, the size of my hard disk is 500GB, and this is good, because it is a lot of space for saving files or adding programs, music, videos, etc. It has also a WIFI device built in which allows me to connect to the internet wirelessly A “DVD – Super Multi DL drive” which reads, creates and rewrites DVD and CD disks.

To operate this system you first have to turn the power on. Once the laptop boots up, you will then see a login screen. You then enter the “password” that is required. Windows which is the operating system starts up then all you have to do is select the program that you...
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