Descriptive Essay

Topics: Drunk driving, Drinking culture, English-language films Pages: 2 (637 words) Published: May 1, 2011
Descriptive Essay
It was a seemingly beautiful day as I drove on a joy ride in my bright blue sports car, with the wind in my hair. This is an everyday activity for me. My friends would mock me saying, “You spend more money on gas than you make working.” I laughed to myself at the thought of jokes amongst my friends. That happiness was soon halted. As I continued driving, I saw a car coming rapidly around the curve. The car did not show any signs of slowing down as it headed towards the intersection. The light turned yellow and then quickly red. Another object caught my eye that made me fear what was going to happen next. A young couple started crossing the street wearing fancy attire. The first thought that came to mind was, ‘they are going to get injured; they are going to get hurt. Please God, do not let this happen today.’ When the woman saw the car, she called out to her husband, “Jim! Move!” With what seemed like lightning pace, he jumped onto the shoulder. The man was not hurt, but it was clear that the woman was. Her screams resonated through the entire surrounding area like a siren. There was no real words being made, making me realize that she was in horrible, excruciating pain. Even watching television shows, or movies, one knows the severity of the situation. You see someone shot or injured and they shout, “Quick! Call the police, tell them what happened!” and you know they are in pain, but they will make it. The sounds coming from this woman made me believe she was not going to be okay. Even with all these seemingly pessimistic thoughts running through my head, I ran to a nearby emergency phone and called the police. The ambulance arrived, but the woman was already dead. I hated to be right in this moment. I have been considered the type of person who always had to be right, this time I wanted more than anything to be wrong. The driver of the speeding car, who looked like he had not slept in a week and could not even stand up straight, failed the...
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