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  • Published : April 12, 2011
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Lana Hitchen

Comp 1.

Dr. Selzler

Assignment #3

Description of the man I love!

As I was deciding of what to write for this paper I had a strong feeling of writing something for my husband. I wanted to share with him how I feel about him, what I think of him, how strong of feelings I have for him, and just how much I appreciate him. As I start to think of my emotions and feelings for my husband I really get tiered up and all happy inside for how special he makes me feel. I don’t think that there are many married people that are my age or that get married at a young age keep a strong enough connection to make it work in their marriage. But for my husband and me, we truly have come a long way. We got married on October 4th, 2003. It was only about a year and a half after I graduated from high school. So I was only 19 when I got married. Can you say that I was young? Definitely! It was a beautiful fall day. The sun was bright and warm. And the air felt so comforting and fresh. When I first saw my husband to be for the first time up at the altar it was such a so real feeling and so humbling. I felt so calm and happy all day long.

We had such a beautiful wedding. I remember the smells from outside being fall and warm. I remember the smell of Matt’s cologne and how good he smelt. I remember the feeling of holding his hand in front of all our families and friends and sharing our love with everyone there. I remember how great it was when we had our first kiss being husband and wife. And I remember how great it felt holding on tight to his arm and him picking up our baby, Mackenzie (6 months), who was sitting with my parents in the front row. And for us as a family to walk up the aisle as ONE! All those feelings come back so clearly when I am writing more and more of this paper.

I would have to say that we have had many trying times in our marriage so far. But we married each other for better or for worse. We have worked really...
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