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Topics: Tokyo, Narita International Airport, Japan Pages: 5 (812 words) Published: March 6, 2011
Ueno, The Town of Quietness and Chaos

In 21st century, we came to be able to travel abroad very easily compared with the last

century. According to a research, over 8,000,000 foreign tourists visit Japan every year. There

are many places that are known to the tourist like Kyoto, which is quite famous for its

beautiful scenery and magnificent Buddhist temples, or Tokyo, the capital of Japan, and the

one of the busiest city in the world. However, If there are greedy tourist who wants to visit

the place where they can feel relax and exciting at the same time, Ueno district, the eastern

part of Tokyo, Japan, is the best place to visit in Japan. Ueno has a three strong point to go

sightseeing: easy access from the main airport and stations, Ueno Park- which include many

cultural facilities and scenic beauty, and energetic shopping arcade.

A first strong point is that Ueno have several major railway and subway stations. Tokyo is

covered by a dense network of train, subway and bus lines.JR(Japan Railway) Ueno station,

which opened on July 28, 1883, is a chief railway station in Tokyo’s Taito ward. Tokyo has

two airports: the international Narita Airport is located 60 km outside of central Tokyo, while

the domestic Haneda Airport is located more centrally. Ueno station is directly connected to

both Narita International Airport Station and Haneda Airport. It is within 60 minutes’ boarding

from both airport to Ueno station. Therefore, many foreigner stop over Ueno, and tourists will

surprise to see considerable signs which are written in English all over the place in Ueno, and people won’t feel any inconvenience. Ueno station is also known as a major commuter hub

station. In addition, Ueno station is also the terminal for long distance trains from the north of

Japan. Moreover, there is the Shinkansen lines to everyplace in Japan. the subway lines are

convenient for moving around central Tokyo, too. There are two subway lines which is

located near Ueno station, and those lines lead to the central Tokyo like Ginza, or Asakusa.

A second strong point is that Ueno have one of the biggest city parks which covers several

cultural institutions in Japan. For instance, Ueno park contains Tokyo National Museum, The

National Museum of Western art, Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music,

Ueno Zoo, and other famous cultural facilities. Once tourists stepped into Ueno Park, they

may forget the fact that they are in the part of Japanese biggest city. Nothing is to be heard

except the conversation of people, and sightseer can relax honestly in the green, deep forests.

Sociologists and geographer say that it is quite rare case in Japan, such massive cultural

facilities are gathered in one park which is sited in urban city. Moreover, there are many

Buddhist temples in the park, including the Bentendo temple which is dedicated to goddess

Benzaiten on a island in Shinobazu pond. Ueno park changes its face seasons to seasons, and

visitors can feel different emotion in each season. In spring, rosy cherry blossoms bloom

through the park The park has more than 1000 cherry trees and becomes a popular spot during

cherry blossom viewing parties (hanami). Also in summer, lotuses come out and turn the color

of Shinobazu pond into green. Therefore, Ueno park, an old and largest park in the city, is

regarded as one of the Tokyo’s most beautiful cites.

A Final merit is that there is the huge shopping arcade which is called “Ameyoko” in

Ueno district. The entrance to the market is across from the Chyu-ou exit of JR Ueno station

and it is only five minutes’ walk from the Ueno Park. After the world warⅡ, the vicinity in

front of Ueno station was a major center of illegal market activity. Classically, Ameyoko

supplied sweet foods and American goods. “Ame” stands for the word “America” and it also

means“candy” in Japanes....
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