Descriptive Essay

Topics: Sun Pages: 2 (619 words) Published: November 3, 2010
Katheryn White
Dr. A. A. Bowers, Jr.
WRT 1010: College Composition 1
27 October 2010

Imagine yourself sitting in the sand as you would be sitting on a soft blanket in the grass. The sand grains warm your body like your sitting in a sauna, as the piercing sun reflects its boiling rays on the sand and your body. The glowing sun is directly above you; its rays feel like you’re inside an oven that you are yearning to get out of but the cool breeze of the ocean wind is keeping you wanting more.

You look in front of you, and you see the beautiful, aqua blue waves roaring against the shore. The sound is so precious; it could make you sleep like a baby right there in the sand. The waves are coming back and forth replenishing your body with water. As the waves rise to your feet its cool feel sends a chill through your whole body and just for it to react with the heat from the sun form a sensation feeling like hot and cold patches all over your body.

Behind you, you see the miles and miles of resorts. The resorts remind you of all the 5-star ratings AAA gives, beautiful, colorful, and high-class. In front of the hotels, you see umbrellas lined up perfectly side by side, like you see cars lined up in a dealership parking lot. The umbrellas help your body stay out of the dehydration and the heat. The umbrella’s bright yellow, orange, and red colors match the rays of the sun excellently. The little children keep running back and forth from their sand castles to the ocean. The sounds of laughter just force the smile upon your face. These castles are something you have never been able to build, but some kids have a natural talent. The sand castles look like a professional house that was just built down the road; they are exact, lively, and amazing. The views just put you in that fantasy of one day having that dream house where every day would be like this one here.

As I look towards the ocean, I see groups and groups of muscular, tan, and very...
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