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  • Published : October 24, 2010
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Christina Casali
Descriptive Essay
Goodbye Humidity, Hello Fall Foliage
            Finally the day has arrived, September 22, 2009, the official first day of fall. Most people may dread this day due to the fact summer comes to an end, school starts and cooler temperatures are on their way. Yet the fall season brings apple picking, pumpkin carving and much anticipated holidays. We must not forget the fall season also brings us that one more hour of sleep in the mornings when we turn the clocks back.  Fall is a much needed intermission before the nasty and dreaded winter weather comes.             Fall is approaching that first morning you step outside and feel the crisp, cool wind in your hair. The leaves start changing from the dull green color into vibrant orange and red colors. Finally the sticky, hot and humid weather transitions into moderate and refreshing temperatures.  In my house you wake up to the smell of a fall festival candle burning and pumpkin bread in the oven for breakfast. You look out the windows to the backyard with the beautiful fall colors and the leaves slowly drifting to the ground.                 Unfortunately fall brings the dreaded end to the summer and the start of a new school year.  Yet it also bring the much anticipated holiday season.  Halloween approaches us fast in the month of October.  The sight of children dressed up in their creative costumes, houses all decked out in decorations and the intricate carved pumpkins sitting on doorsteps.  The taste of the enormous amounts of Halloween candy. The sounds of all the children saying “Trick or Treat” and cheering in excitement over which candy they received. Fall also bring us the much anticipated holiday Thanksgiving. This holiday means football, families yelling over each other and most importantly massive amounts of food. The smell of the turkey roasting in the oven and the sight of the gravy poured over the mashed potatoes. The smell of the must have desserts on...
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