Descriptive Essay

Topics: Security, Surveillance, Methamphetamine Pages: 2 (533 words) Published: October 20, 2010
Descriptive Essay
Gila River casino

The best job I had was working at Gila River casino. I worked the night shift from 10pm to 6am, Sunday to Thursday, working 40 hours a week. Working as a security officer the casino was very hard and fast-paced because for security we would have to make sure everyone was safe, check i.d., and walk around the casino floor to see if anyone was stealing money or people sleeping in the bathroom. We would have to check the parking lot for anyone who was doing drugs and trying to break into patrons vehicles. The biggest problems at the casino were the alcohol intoxicated patrons who would get mad and want to fight everyone in the casino.

Everyone who I working with was very nice and hard working but we would have fun at work sometimes on our dinner break. My favorite thing about working at the casino was taking down drunken patrons who were trying to fight me all the time because I would tell them they were cut off from the bar and tell them to call a cab to go home to make sure they wouldn’t drive home. If they didn’t listen to me, I would have to call other security officers to take down the drunken patrons and handcuff them. Then I would call the Chandler or Gila River police department to take them to jail. It was great working at the casino because I got free benefits, free food, paid time off, and a 401k. The most terrible thing I saw at the casino was when I got a call on my radio from dispatch to check out the bathroom because there was someone in there being shady. When I walked in the bathroom there was a guy in one of the bathroom stalls smoking meth so I told him to put down his pipe, he ran out of the bathroom, I chased him down inside the casino. I pushed him down and handcuffed him then I called for backup. The other security officers took the guy outside to wait for Chandler PD to take him way the cops showed up they searched the guy to see if he had anymore drugs on him. What do you know? He...
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