Descriptive Essay

Topics: Sun, Warriors Pages: 2 (754 words) Published: October 5, 2010
Marki Hoyne
English III AP
Period 5
Descriptive Essay

Snow Day

The most beautiful sight I ever saw was the day the entire city of Fort Collins had so much snow; everything had come to a standstill. A low pressure system had blown in the night before, and twenty-four hours and six feet of snow later, the entire city was engulfed in the snow’s icy grip. It didn’t matter what anyone tried, everyone was at the mercy of Mother Nature. But it was not until after the snow had melted away, its destructive beauty was fully comprehended. The sheer weight of six feet of snow was too much, and many buildings collapsed under its mass.

As I peered out the window of my door, the bright light of the snow nearly blinded me. When my vision cleared, though, I was awe struck at the sight before me. It looked like God had taken a big bag of sugar and poured it upon the earth. The normal objects that would usually have met my eyes were mere blobs in the snow, indistinguishable among the white cover. As I tried to open my door to investigate further, my path was blocked by a wall of snow, unmoving and solid. A slight chill crept over me as the cold air poured into the warm home. The feeling of being trapped comes over me and I quickly try to think of another escape route. From the ground floor, I make my way to the next level of my house, finding myself in my room. Dodging the traps that could easily ensnare me, they had developed from weeks of not cleaning, but I still reached the other side. I struggled to open the tightly shut jaws of my window, not budging one bit, but finally the window gave way to my efforts, and I was free from my house that had become a prison. As I stepped out onto my roof, the crunching of snow underneath my bright yellow rubber boots met my ears, and the crisp, fresh, mossy mountain air filled my nostrils. Trudging through the snow atop my house, I searched for a suitable place to depart from my roof. After finding a rather particularly soft...
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