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Topics: Meal, Restaurant, School Pages: 2 (567 words) Published: August 20, 2010
“It’s Lunch Time”

Are you a dignified college student and a bona fide employee of DLSU Manila? If yes, then here is another question, have you ever wondered of eating amazing cuisines that are only sold at cheap prices? And, are you deeply problematic on where to fill your growling stomachs during your breaks in between academic subjects? Well, if you answered yes to all of these questions, you must try going to the most-visited, most outstanding, and the most famous canteen in DLSU Manila, the La Casita. The La Casita canteen provides great food, clean facilities, and friendly employees.

The mouth-watering food served in this canteen is well-appreciated by many Lasallian achievers and educators. It is because of the heavenly taste of their cuisines like the sizzling sisig with egg, the irresistible aroma of roast-beef with creamy mashed potatoes, and the incomparable taste of breaded pork chop with healthy vegetables. Buying delicious food in this prestigious canteen with its professional presentation is like floating in the air, breathlessly bringing you to a state like heaven. This was of my personal experience and of all other La Casita valued customers as well. The professional presentation of food is highly comparable to a plate in a very expensive and luxurious restaurant. This is because of their well-trained cooks and magical kitchen equipments.

Aside from the canteen’s supreme cuisines, it also gives clean and noticeable facilities from the venue down to the restrooms. The big tables and comfortable chairs are suitable for munching those sumptuous meals you bought. The canteen is well-lighted and well-ventilated that it will really set you into a relaxing mood. A separate room is also provided for the faculty members so as not to be disturbed by the lively college students outside it. The canteen’s restrooms are separated for the student’s and faculty’s comfort. The restrooms are also well-ventilated even though it is quite small. With this,...
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