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Topics: Jamaica, Curry, Culture of Jamaica Pages: 3 (905 words) Published: May 11, 2013
Expeditions to Dunn’s River Waterfalls
Dunn’s River Waterfalls is one of the best known attractions in Jamaica. Each year, thousands of locals and tourists travel to the falls to experience its many pleasures. I enjoyed the waterfall, sun, food, the water activities that took place, spending time with family and friends, and the local vendors. The water at Dunn’s River Falls was crystal clear, fresh, and mesmerizing; it was an enchanting event on every visit. The cascading water roared down the layered steps. The water emerged from the caves and flowed down the six hundred feet layer of light sandy brown steps. Nature created an adventure as we climbed up the slippery slope. Most of us were attired in swimming gear, which included a special non-slippery shoe that was supplied by the local vendors. I believed the most secure way to climb the falls was in group formations, under the supervision of a Fall Guide, who was normally equipped with special knowledge and skills who knew how to navigate the intricate hike into the caves. This way of climbing provided safety as we held each other’s hands; it also made the climb more fun and exciting as we interacted with each other. Most times we would arrive to see the sunrise and stay to see the sunset. I watched it as it slowly peeked up from the clouds, and appeared as though it was playing a game of hide and seek. Appearing then disappearing through the clouds. I enjoyed the sun’s rays as it sparkled in the distance gently caressing my skin as if inviting me to come out and play. We would always stay until the sunset because it provided the perfect end to the day, with the opportunity to relax after a day full of activities and watch the creative beauty of the sunset. This was a breathtaking occurrence. On a tasty note, the cafeteria provided an array of delicious foods that were tantalizing to the taste buds; it created aromas that beckoned visitors in. Dishes included freshly-cooked, well-seasoned foods that were...
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