Descriptive Essay

Topics: Family, Debut albums, Aerosmith Pages: 2 (843 words) Published: April 6, 2013
Latrell Johnson
Barbara Raestch
College writing
February 17, 2013
A person I will always remember is my grandmother, because she was a great person. She had a full house my whole family lived in my grandmother’s house. It was me my uncle Tyrone, aunt Denise ,my mom Darlene , and my nephew James that’s a lot of people just to be in one house. There was always an argument. My grandmother was a person everyone wanted to be around when things were going her way , if things weren’t going my grandma’s way you wouldn’t want to be around her she was a evil person when she wanted to be but that didn’t last long. She would always put a smile on my face even when I was to mad to show it, it’s like when your around her everything is ok. She had the funniest laugh and always watching her soap operas at the same day every time I knew my grandmother like the back of my hand. My grandma would put somebody before herself no matter what the situation was, if I didn’t have any money for lunch when I was in middle school she would just give me her last just to make sure I was happy, which a lot of people wouldn’t do. She was very caring and always had a welcoming home for us. When I use to wake up in the morning she’ll always have a nice big breakfast waiting for me with an ice cold beverage. My grandma was like my best friend I could talk to her about anything, especially when it came to me talking about my biggest problem, which was my dad neglecting me. She would just make me feel so much better by her just being in my presence .That’s how big of a influence she had on me My grad mom use to do it the biggest on thanksgiving she would make turkey with stuffing ,macaroni & cheese, sweet potatoes ,duck ,ham ,greens, etc.. I always looked forward to my grad moms cooking on Thanksgiving walking into her house smelling all the excellent food she had waiting for us. I will always cherish the moments that me and my grand mom had. My grand mom raised me to be a better person and to...
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