Descriptive Essay

Topics: Walking, Transport, Road Pages: 2 (397 words) Published: March 31, 2013
Alfonzo Strozier
Kevin McDonough
College Writing
23, Febuary.2012

As I took my morning venture to breakfast at the school, I stepped outside to a bone chilling breeze. This breeze was unforgettable it was almost as if I have just walked into the middle of Alaska, the breeze was viscous, I thought for a second that it had a mind of its own.

While walking to the café I noticed someone unusual, someone I have never seen around the school. This man was about 5, 10”inches, scrawny frame, unusual haircut, and he was dressed in all black as if he was on his way to a funeral. As I walked by the man I took a good look at his face. I recognized at first glance that the man had silly mustache. The mustache had reminded me of an old Amish man. The man also has a very distinctive smell .It was very disturbing; It was a sour smell, like milk that have been left out in the heat all day, with a mixture of an intoxicating cigarette smell. I’m guessing that the man hasn’t bathed in weeks .I continued on toward the man as I was heading to the café. As a polite fellow I said hello to the unknown man, and he gave me a hello back, I was able to smell the strong and heavy scent of cigarettes and booze on his breath.

The man had reached out to shake my hand and it left me pretty skeptical I was unsure of whether I should just keep on walking or shake the man’s hand. So after I thought about it for a few seconds, the polite thing to do was shake his hand. As I was shaking his hand I was able to feel the sand paper roughness of the guy’s hand I honestly felt like I was touching a dried up starfish.

I washed my hands as soon as I reached the schools bathrooms. After my hands had been washed I continued to walk to the café for breakfast. Walking through the door as I was able to smell the delightful smell of eggs, hash browns, and sausages in the air, it made my nose tingle .I sat down and enjoyed my morning breakfast with some friends and headed back to my dorm room for...
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