Descriptive Essay

Topics: Life, Ontology, English-language films Pages: 2 (793 words) Published: March 13, 2013
God has given all human beings a precious and priceless gift that is LIFE. He is such a marvelous, perfect savior that he has blessed women with the privilege of conceiving life. Three years ago, I had the privilege of feeling inside of me a tiny seed that needed to be watered with a lot of love and patience in order to become a beautiful and perfect fruit. This seed flourished in eight months and my eyes could finally see that perfect creation that is my son Mathias Nicolas. He is my most precious God’s gift who came to my life to fill it with joy and love. However, I am here in Manhattan alone remembering my little baby and missing him a lot every day because distance is a great obstacle that impedes us to be together again. Most of the times, when I close my eyes, his face comes to my mind; and I immediately take out of my purse a picture of him that helps me remember every little detail of his facial features. This picture was taken at home in Cuenca, Ecuador when he just turned two years old; it shows clearly what his face looks like. First of all, his face has been designed by a perfect artist that is God. His eyes are two big moons that shine in darkness and captivate others’ attention by just looking at them. In fact, they are filled with purity and peace that provokes one into spending the whole night looking at them. In addition, chocolate has been sprinkled over his two moons to make them stand out and become even more attractive. But God has not finished yet his wonderful work; he adds two special touches that complement the beauty of the two moons. He adds some long and soft feathers around each moon that protect them from the weather. Also he uses a paintbrush to draw one short black line above each moon. His nose is also well constructed and located in the precise place. It looks like a bunny’s nose that is tiny, small and very spongy that causes me to touch and feel it by giving it a...
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