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Of all the places I have been so far in life, I have to say Iowa is by far my most favorite place. It’s where I was born and bred and I try to make it a point to go back and visit at least once a year.

I grew up with my parents and five siblings on a farm in rural Iowa. “Iowa ranks first in beef, pork, corn, soybean, and grain production” (Department of Economic Development), so you can imagine how busy farm life is. It didn’t seem fun as a kid, waking up at the crack of dawn to do chores before school only to have more chores to do when we came home. Lucky for us there were five of us so they seemed to get done in a hurry. Even though we had a lot of chores to do, we always found time to have fun.

As a kid I hated the smells of the farm. If you’ve even visited a farm you probably remember it didn’t smell so great. It tends to get a little stinky when have several thousand head of cattle and hogs roaming around, not to mention the days several hundred bales of hay were cut. My father also had a large garden every year and my parents would can vegetables for the winter. I can still remember the smell of the fresh turned earth in the Spring when it was time to plant the garden and the smell of my mother making Sunday dinner for our family. Now that I’m grown and live thousands of miles away, those are some of my favorite smells and always bring back such fond memories of my childhood.

I miss the many sounds of farm too. I loved to hear the roosters crowing or the cows bellowing in the morning as we were doing our chores. It was almost like the animals were hurrying us along to make sure we finished before it was time for school. There always seemed to be birds chirping and flitting about the trees, even in wintertime. Our farm held a multitude of sounds at the time that I never really seemed to notice but truly miss as an adult living in a loud city.

There are so many things that I love and miss about Iowa but the one thing I miss the most is the...
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