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Topics: English-language films, Beer pong, Definition Pages: 1 (424 words) Published: February 22, 2013
Love at first sight is a hopeless romantic’s dream. Do I believe in it? Fifty eight percent of Americans do according to Even still I’m torn on the issue. Love is hard to define but to strip it down to one exact moment in time adds another complication to the already complicated matter. Is it possible that within a blink of an eye you can experience love? That question makes me think back to a party I attended. There was this guy I met a few years back at a house party full of misfits recently thrown in to adulthood, whose coping mechanisms were to drink until you couldn't drink anymore. They all had a meeting ground paralleling the watering hole found within the animal kingdom. A classy urban family home it appeared to be from the outside but once I stepped foot within I could smell the stench of adolescent rebellion. The entry hallway was dimly lit and packed with people. I squeezed by and found myself in the spacious graffiti covered living room. Kid Cudi’s music echoed through the room while the beer pong game being played next to the speakers got intense. And then I saw him. He wore a red hat, had a tiresome stare, and a delighted smile. His tattoos peered out from beneath his flannel shirt and the light hit the stone gauges in his ears as he created an impromptu magic marker masterpiece upon one of the living room walls. He caught my eye. To say the least I was intrigued. I’m not sure why but I was. My nerves disappeared a few drinks later and I sparked up a casual conversation. It was just an exchange of small talk. Chit chat about art and hometowns. As the conversation peaked the party shut down and that moment of chemistry was cut short. We smiled at each then said our goodbyes. I haven’t seen him since. He pops into my head on rare occasions even after all this time. After exchanging very few words. Some may say that I’ve experienced love at first sight but I’m still skeptical. Maybe it’s because his named is spelled the way it...
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