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Topics: English-language films, Vociferation, American films Pages: 2 (875 words) Published: December 10, 2012
Organized Chaos

The gym was full of thousands of wild fans. The battle of chants from opposing sides echoes, and bounces off of the arena walls. This is game time. It is here. It is now! Basketball isn’t just a sport, it’s a way of life; a chaotic life that is. I’m not just talking any kind of chaos, it’s organized chaos. Between the yells, the disagreements, the fun, the anger, the fouls, and the joy you find team harmony that no other sport can obtain. The lights dim as the home team bursts out of the locker rooms doors like a dolphin bursts out of the water for a fresh breath of air. The floor then became filled with six foot men in jerseys and shorts; often you would see what seemed like a short man compared to the other tower-like bodies but that made an interesting contrast. You hear the screeching of the shoes grip as a player went up for a layup; men clapping their hands so they can go for their shot. The coach yelled at the team to run drills scolding them when they would miss a shot. Then the fans attention is suddenly drawn to the opposing locker room where the visiting team is entering. All heads turn, and suddenly the crowd roars “boooooo” the sound surrounds every corner of the gym. The team seemed intimidated by the die-hard fans whose faces and bodies were covered in paint some out of support and others just for attention. The referees then appeared in their black and white striped shirt, whistles around their necks, and their most intimidating look. Finally the clock starts, the whistles are blown, and the game begins!

The referee throws the ball up in the center of the court. Two men who towered over everyone else jump frantically in the air trying to get the tips of their fingers on the ball to push it in the direction of their basket. The team runs towards the ball dancing around each other, as if they were at a royal ball making what should be unappealing look beautiful and organized. The home team has possession of the ball and they...
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