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English Final Exam
Unity: Achieved when all the elements in an essay contribute to the development of a single idea or thesis. Similarly, a paragraph is unified when each sentence contributes to the development of the central though expressed in the topic sentence of that paragraph. * In a unified paragraph, each sentence helps develop the main idea or the gist of the paragraph. The main idea often suggest a new, interesting relationship between two other ideas or facts not otherwise connected. Stating the main idea in a single sentence (often called a topic sentence) will help you achieve unity. * If the sentences follow the thesis sentence. If you are talking about school don’t talk about summer, continue on the path about talking about school. Coherence: The quality that enhances the flow of your writing. Coherence is the principle that all parts of a piece of writing should stick together, or cohere. When a piece of writing is coherent, one sentence connects logically with the ones that immediately precede and supercede it. * A paragraph is coherent when the relationship among the idea is clear and the progression from one sentence to the next is easy for the reader to follow.

Narration: The goal of narration is to tell a story. (The Bible). * Subjective narration focuses on personal impressions, thoughts, insights, and feelings. * Objective narration is usually stated in the third person to give the writer’s views a sense of neutrality. Example:

Essay 1
Imagine writing a letter to your closest friend, the person who knows best exactly how you feel about taking this course. Perhaps you feel nervous, or intimidated, or excited. How can you make your friend understand how you feel, without just flat out saying "I feel nervous, etc." What details will you include? What kind of words will you use? Remember, your audience is your best friend. Post this essay under the name: "Friend." FRIEND

Good afternoon, friend!  I am writing to you to let you know that I have decided to take the ENGL 0930 class online.  I heard that ENGL 0930 helps prepare students with the ability to write stronger essays.  Next year I want to apply for the Faculty of Law.  Law school deals with a lot of research papers and essays.  I figured that this course would help me prepare for that.  I will keep you updated with my progress!

Essay 2
Narrate the same event, but for a different audience. This time, imagine that you are writing a report to be submitted to the government agency or scholarship program that is paying for the course; or imagine that you are writing an article for your local newspaper about returning to school as a mature student, and that as part of this article you are relating the event of your first night at class. Post this essay under the name "Government Report" or "Newspaper." NEWSPAPER

I am proud to announce that I have completed the first week of class for ENGL 0930.  It is always a little bit intimidating to successfully complete the first assignment of any class.  I find the hardest part of any online class is figuring out how to find the notes and submit the assignments properly.  I look forward to staying on top of my homework for this course.  I have remained up to date on the assigned readings and can already notice an improvement in my writing habits. 

Descriptive Writing: Presents a person, place, object, era, or condition; it captures the essence or most prominent and distinctive features of what is being described. It presents information and verifiable facts. It leaves out the writer’s feelings, memories, impressions, and sensory detail. It does not imply value judgments. (facts) * Subjective description creates a more personal sense of the subject being described. It might evoke the writer’s feelings and memories. It creates moods; it generates in the reader an emotional response. It might make value judgments. Diction: Deals with the type of words you...
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