Descriptive Essay

Topics: Ocean, Sun, Wyatt Earp Pages: 2 (727 words) Published: October 2, 2012
The shimmering lights reflecting off the oceans blue surface fall upon my face, as I feel a slight tingle on the lightly reddened skin of my cheeks and nose. What was once a beautifully warm 85 degree day, falls to a breezy, yet comfortable, 67 degrees. The gentle blow of the wind makes its evening announcement by the shiver it runs through my body as it lightly sweeps through my hair.

As the day comes to an end and exhausted from a leisurely day of bathing in the suns' rays, I sit relaxed on my towel. Staring at my feet as they play with the beaches cool and gritty sand, the light brown granules seeps through the crevices of my toes like it would through the hole of an hourglass. I deeply inhale the smell of salt and seaweed being washed ashore by breaking waves. I observe as the high-tide washes away any evidence of my footprints in the sand, as if it only wants to leave its own mark behind; a thin layer of white sea foam.

In a warning to head home before dusk, I hear the seagulls squawk to each other in their own language as the sun starts to set to the West. Waiting in anticipation, the bottom edge of the once radiant sun lightly grazes the top of the oceans horizon, and at that very moment I witness the rare occurrence of the mythical, “Green Flash.”

I continuously watch the sun play a game of peek-a-boo while lowering itself behind the never-ending long stretch of water. I can’t help but to stare in amazement at its calming illusion, while it tries to tease my eyes into thinking that the world is flat.

Famously known as, “The World’s Finest City,” this is my favorite place. My native home, San Diego, California.
Previously fatigued from the long day, I gather myself together to experience the night life and suddenly experience a second wind. The excitement and aliveness as I walk among the busy crowds of people, cars, and multitude of sounds during the night, is an environment I have yet to discover anywhere else. Free entertainment...
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