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Topics: Ocean, Puerto Rico, Water Pages: 2 (700 words) Published: October 2, 2012
The most magnificent place I’ve ever been is Puerto Rico. With its breath taking landscapes and the calm serenity of the ocean; Puerto Rico is one of the most relaxing and gorgeous places I’ve ever been. The mixes of several different Latin styles play a huge role in not only the music and dancing of Puerto Rico but, also the style of the wardrobe. The best part of Puerto Rico though is the amazing experience and adventures I’ve been on.

Puerto Rico has some of the most beautiful landscapes I’ve ever seen. In San Juan P.R, there are many under water caves. The cave are hidden by the green plants and leaves that stretch from the grown to the top of mountains and, surrounded in brown and green furry moss. The fresh water sparkles in the spots of light from the top of the cave. The water gives the clearest reflection like a mirror. When you look above all you can see are scattered rays of light and snake like veins hung like icicles along the cave roof. There are an array of fresh water fish that dance along the bottom of the river. The caves are almost as beautiful as the beaches in Isabella P.R. The only thing you can hear along the beach is the sound of the waves crashing toward the shore. The waves merge to the shore line as the ocean water flows back and forth, rocking along the shore. The water fades from a clear blue to a heart of the ocean sapphire blue. Billions upon billions of black and brown grains and minerals are spread throughout the beach. The view is something you have to see to believe.

The sounds of bongo's and brass instruments echo throughout the night. Puerto Rico's unique mix of Caribbean and south American sound turn into Puerto Rico Own music and dance called salsa. The sound hits the heart of people everywhere with its smooth jazzy sound and its upbeat dance. Salsa dancers and there partners dance the night away in the streets of Puerto Rico. The women dress in stunning traditional dresses. Wearing all white floor length dresses with...
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