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  • Published : September 16, 2012
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Descriptive Essay
My heart is racing as if it will beat right out of my chest. I hear them start to count, “5, 6, 7, 8…” I bounce forward and push off my base’s shoulders. I feel light and free as a bird. I wiggle around on my feet until I get my balance. Once I have my balance I stay tight and wait for the next count. I feel the tight grip on my ankles and the strong arms of my bases. They then count, “Cradle 1, 2…” I dip down and I’m tossed into the air as if I’m weightless. I slap into their arms and I step on ground once again. I smile to the crowd and wait for the next stunt.

At practice all I see is wrinkled t-shirts and high ponytails. It is 6:30 in the morning and every girl here would rather be sleeping than running. We all jog around the rough black cement and the tall tan basketball hoops. Once we all make it back, out of breath and grasping our water bottles we all sit down and stretch. We stretch our legs, arms, neck, and back. We then kick high to gain strength and flexibility. As we all have warmed up our muscles we then separate into our pods and begin to practice stunting.

Practice can be boring; especially due to the fact that we wake up so early to be there exactly at 6:30 A.M. Other than that, the best thing to do in cheer is cheer at games! Every game we would hang our handmade signs full of glitter and paint. Then we would warm up our cheers then we’d get out our shiny silver pompoms. During the game all I’d hear is spirited Stockdale fans screaming. They’d stand tall in their black and silver t-shirts and sweatshirts showing their pride. The girls and I would yell with them at the top of our lungs and dance to the music of the band.

Along with games and practice, there are also rallies. Rallies are fun because we get to perform in front of all of our friends and teachers. Rallies involve lots and lots of practice. The day of the rally everyone must be there really early to run through it all. When you go in the gym all you see...
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