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Topics: Pakistan, Political party, Nawaz Sharif Pages: 2 (814 words) Published: July 26, 2012
In the past decade the entire nation of Pakistan has suffered a lot.  The political leaders have not lived up to their expectations.  At the same time, Pakistan has also been a victim of two natural disasters that has played a role in economic and political failure.  For example, according to a World Bank report, the floods in Pakistan have affected more than 20million people. Moreover, the disaster destroyed 1.6million homes and left thousands of agriculture land damaged ("Pakistan floods 2010," 2011).  Similarly, another report by the World Bank explains that, the earthquake in Pakistan left 2.8million people dead and over half a million without income ("Pakistan earthquake, a," 2006). In such catastrophes, government has failed to support the people of Pakistan financially and it left the Pakistanis frustrated.  This frustration has forced them to demand for a political change in the government who would listen to them and fulfill their basic necessities.  Moreover, Pakistanis believe that change is only possible if Imran Khan and his party called Movement of Justice (PTI) comes into power. Imran Khan’s political party coming into power is a contemporary global issue because it creates conflict among other parties, it doesn’t guarantee an immediate change in Pakistan because of the country’s current state of political instability, and affects the nation’s attitude towards the war on terror.   Movement of Justice was established by Imran Khan in 1996 to fight corruption and mismanagement being done by the two main political parties, Pakistan Muslim League (now divided in PML-N and PML-Q) and Pakistan People’s Party (PPP).  Both of these parties were elected twice to be in the parliament.  However, they both failed miserably in sustaining the rights of the people of Pakistan.  On the other hand, Khan’s party did not have a positive start to their political career.  Initially, PTI was unable to win majority of the seats in the elections of 1996 and 2002 and...
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