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Topics: Nutrition, Junk food, Cooking Pages: 2 (625 words) Published: June 10, 2012
The Ultimate Guilty Pleasure
Tasty, sweet, salty, filling, pleasing… junk food. Junk food is my guiltiest pleasure. I buy my Burger King whopper every Wednesday or I casually have a McDonald’s run on those lazy nights. Those pre-packaged, ready to go meals tastes so much better than my mother’s experimental cooking, which she claims is gourmet. It looks so good, it’s affordable, and it’s impossible to turn down, it’s like a gift from heaven. In all seriousness, would you rather have a plain old salad, over a delectable, gourmet McDonald’s meal? A salad just consists of lettuce, tomatoes and a lot of boring, bland vegetables. But a McDonald’s meal is just indescribably amazing. You got your fries, your burger, and a drink! I could never fit that into my lunch box. Junk food has been consumed more than healthier by the general population over the last 30 years. Every day I have to listen to my mother bicker on and on about how healthy she used to eat as a kid compared to me. Time, time, time, that’s on everyone’s mind. What is more convenient? Do I have enough time? Junk food or prepared meals are without a doubt more convenient than those home cooked meals, but sometimes making convenience prioritize over health is a very unwise choice. The packaging on those TV dinners, are in every colour you could imagine, the extravagant print, and those catchy words like “New!” intrigue you to purchase those calorie filled, heart clogging foods. Junk food is a guilty pleasure because everyone is aware of its negative effects on our body. Everyone can generally say that healthier foods are unattractive and cliché. They aren’t as “appetizing” as those deep fried or frozen dinners. But does anyone really know what goes into fast food? Junk food is called “junk” food for a reason. It has no nutritional benefits what so ever. All the junk you consume just causes bloating and weight gain. It makes you feel weaker, and tired. Everyone wants to get the fullest out of...
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