Descriptive Essay

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Holly Keller
Descriptive Essay
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In December of 2009, I had the pleasure of moving my family to Germany. I was in the military and we had just received orders to spend three years over there. Not only were we excited but we kind of nervous about a big culture shock that was about to come upon us.

So I journeyed over a long, spiteful 13 hour plane ride there, only to find as soon as we were in Europe, it was very dreary, dull, and very cloudy. The same weather as when we arrived in Frankfurt Germany. I got to Germany at preciously 6 o’clock in the morning and it was a crisp, cold, rainy morning. Still half asleep, I managed to trudge off the plane to take my first breath of what I thought was rain. Instead, the scent of rain over there was much different then back home. It had more of a muggy feel and a stale smell, not at fresh smell. When I got out of the plane and into the airport, it was jammed packed with people from everywhere. The whispers of the different languages and the slow paced movement of people trying to maneuver around others to get to their destination, I knew for sure I was not in the USA anymore.

As I waited for the transportation to my base, I decided to try some food, I was hungry and everything smelled delicious. I decided to try Danish that I saw in the window of a little store. It was warm to the touch, was covered in chocolate and had a jelly inside. It was so smooth going down; I wanted to buy a dozen more. Another food I had tried was a doner, a delicatessen in Germany. It consisted of warm lamb meat that was slow roasted on a rotisserie, possibly for days. It was put on a warm tortilla and had some toppings which included lettuce which was crisp and cut thinly sliced, tomatoes that were so rotund and so juicy. The sauce they put on the top was a white cream sauce, kind of reminded me of a plain yogurt. But it had a sweet, succulent taste to it. The Germans liked to serve everything big, so any plate you...
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