Descriptive Autumn

Topics: Confectionery, Candy, Pink Pages: 2 (856 words) Published: November 8, 2010
There are some people who enjoy summer by basking in the warmth of the sun, going on family vacations, swimming in cool lakes, and having barbeques with friends. Others prefer seeing flora blooming and fauna reemerge during the spring. Then there are a few people that look forward to the winter snow, decorating for holidays, and snuggling by an open fire sipping on hot cocoa. I, however, prefer autumn. Ever since I could attend school, I looked forward to when I finally got new school supplies. I enjoy matching my notebooks, pens, and highlighters to each of my classes. When grading homework in class I like using hot pink in English, ocean blue in algebra, and algae green in civilization. Each year I am excited when I get a new planner. When I have an important event, I highlight each one with a different color. Neon pink, fluorescent orange, lime green, and sky blue are splattered throughout each month like drops of paint from a brush. This school year I was eager to purchase a new laptop. I am a proud owner of an Alienware M17x laptop. The matte black anodized aluminum case feels like ice in my hands and the keyboard is backlit in crimson. On the cover is Alienware’s signature alien head logo that glows spearmint green when it is plugged in and bright red when the laptop is running off battery power. Halloween has always been my favorite holiday. I loved looking at the other children’s costumes and makeup. I enjoy seeing doctors in white coats, witches with pointed hats, and superheroes running up and down the streets. Sometimes I would end up crossing paths with my school friends and we’d compare how heavy our bags were, which houses gave full sized candy bars, and which houses gave out apples instead. I remember the anticipation after trick-or-treating as a child because my parents wouldn’t let me see what candy I received until we were back home. The parents of my best friend at the time would decorate their home as a haunted house each year. Each...
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