Topics: Laughter, English-language films, Isobel Campbell Pages: 1 (393 words) Published: May 16, 2013
The Beach

Carefully choosing their places among the sea of sunbathers, the new arrivals to the beach lay down their towels on the glistening sand as a red-faced toddler chants, "I want ice cream, I want ice cream!" as he passes the multicoloured van with his already exasperated mother. Shops and cafés line the beach, a cool summer's breeze wafting the savoury scent of hotdogs and burgers towards beach-goers and tourists, tempting them to buy the delicious treats. Seagulls circle the beach like vultures, occasionally pouncing on an empty crisps packet or fallen ice cream, only to be scared away by intrigued children or angry parents. Lounging on their luxurious houseboats, the wealthy residents of the marina gaze out to sea, watching the gentle waves move against weathered rocky outcrops. On one of the larger houseboats, a family of five dine on a bronzed lobster talking happily to each other. Scuttling along the sea-stained sand, crabs of all shapes and sizes frantically make their escape from determined rock poolers. Wielding her flimsy pink net, a young girl of around five perches on a boulder, laughing joyously as she scatters shrimp and prawns alike. Staring happily at his collection of shells, a young boy laughs as the waves lap at his feet. Ice cream in hand, his mother watches him lazily from under the cheap, colourful umbrella. As if on a mission, a younger boy of around three digs at the sand, sweating as the sun beats down on him. On a cliff, high above the beach, stands an aged man, grimacing at the inferior beings below. Clad in a huge overcoat, heavy black boots and a scarf wrapped around his neck, the greying individual turns and begins his journey home. Carelessly floating on a pair of lilos, two teenagers talk ceaselessly - breaking out in laughter and falling off their bright pink lilos every so often. The scent of hotdogs makes them hungry as they drag their lilos to the shore, intent on coercing their parents into opening their...
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