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  • Published : February 28, 2013
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Descriptive Writing Assignment

A laptop computer

Dissembling a laptop computer can be an exciting experience for a person who enjoys repairing PC’s. When dissembling a laptop for the first time, you may see components that have never seen in you life. Inside a laptop you can find small square chips, different types of cables and battery’s. As technology moves forward everyday, dissembling a laptop computer can get more interesting by time. As you dissemble more laptops, you will hear new sounds and see new components. However sometimes removing components inside a laptop can be a little challenging, getting a good view of exactly what you are trying to replace is hard when laptops are made smaller each and every day. When dissembling a laptop you have to pay close attention to the parts you are replacing, paying attention can make your job a lot easier when enabling the laptop back together. Another interesting part of dissembling a laptop computer is that often you can see what components are no longer good just by smelling them. Smelling and actually touching the component plays a big diagnostic role in the technician world. Many computer technicians look for burn components when developing a good laptop diagnose. Laptop computers will get smarter everyday, paying close attention to every part will make you understand the component ways a lot easier. Not every one in this world has the attitude to dissemble a laptop computer, being patient plays a big role in it. A laptop computer is just a great begging for a exciting adventure.
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