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I was inspired by the French artist Auguste Renoir, who painted mainly women and children of the nineteenth century, I chose him because I like the clothes of XIX century because they princesses shape. On my mood board, we can see two of his works. Namely, the image titled "Dance at Bougival" and Portrait of the Actress Jeanne Samara. Also, making my final project I was inspired by the dress Jeanne Samara, namely the upper part of the dress. Description dresses

Generally speaking, my dress is white with lace with SILVER thread. It princesses shape features vertical seams because flowing from the shoulders down to a flared skirt. Ball gown silhouette is so, we dress consists of a fitted bodice and waistline with a full skirt. In my project Fitted bodice consists of a scoop neckline. I chose a scoop neckline because I think Wide "U" shape emphasizes the bust. Waistline dips below natural waistline and sits more on hips. This type is called Dropped waistline. To emphasize more decks, I added a strip which is located exactly in the cutting deck. Bar consists of a belt and buckle. Both of these elements are made of white satin. Generally speaking, the front upper part of the dress is made up of two kinds of material. Lace that starts with 7 inches below the neckline, forming the shape of a boat cover straps and satin, which fills the remainder of the upper parts. However, the back top of the dress is made of lace, which starts and ends at the front to the back. It's an interesting passage gives charm dress. both the front and back are visible characterized by two vertical seams That travel from bust to hem, is super-slimming and gives the illusion of extra height. Lower parts princesses dress shape is so composed of several layers of tulle, which gives the impression of fine mist, the top layer is made of slightly tulle dress which adds even more shine. The dress is sewn on the wheel slip dress so elegantly arranged. However, in the back of is located quite a...
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