Description of Curley's Wife

Topics: John Steinbeck, Of Mice and Men, Great Depression Pages: 4 (1570 words) Published: March 17, 2013
Introduction section of Curley’s wife

She is newly married to Curley. Curley’s has no name on this novel because she wants recognition, attention, her own identity, and her own life. To emphasise how she has none of these things, Steinbeck doesn’t even give her a name. She is just someone’s “wife”. This shows that there is no identity of her own. Without him she would be nothing. She is young, pretty, wears attractive clothes and locks her hair. She seems flirtatious and is always hanging around the bunk-house. She is lonely - there are no other women to talk to and Curley is not really interested in her. The role of Curley's wife represents the loneliness of all the characters on the ranch. Even though she has a husband, she feels empty inside and feels very alone which suggests why she always hangs around the other men at the ranch. She doesn't necessarily try to talk to the men to start trouble but she just wants someone to talk to.

Description of Curley’s wife in terms of her appearance

In the Steinbeck’s novel ‘OF MICE AND MEN’ he uses description to present Curley’s wife in different ways. Curley’s wife doesn’t have a name in this novel. When he described her as a ‘girl’, it shows that she is too young to be married. As well as that he described her as “heavily made up” this makes the reader think her appearance seems to be out of place on the farm. Steinbeck wants us to realise that she is not the part of the workers on the ranch and is an outside “looking in?” this makes the reader think she dislike, unpopular and wants to be friendly with them. Additionally the writer explained that “appearance” is important to Curley’s wife and she wants to look pretty. This makes the reader consider that she doesn’t have friends and she is lonely. Also she is trying to get attention making herself good-looking. Red is pretty much the only colour mentioned on the ranch and red is the colour of danger and warning. The only colour used to describe Curley’s wife...
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