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Topics: Mix, Ergodic theory, Wandering set Pages: 3 (830 words) Published: March 29, 2013

TO:Orthopaedic Staff
FROM:Jane Doe
SUBJECT: Zimmer Quic-Vac Mixing Bowl
DATE:January 29, 2013

I have recently learner that Zimmer, Inc. will be adding another product to our service line. This memorandum will explain the proper use of the Quic-Vac Mixing Bowl. The Quic-Vac Mixing Bowl is under compressed air like our previous mixing systems. We will be switching out all of our old cement mixing systems to the Quic-Vac Mixing Bowls; however, we will continue using PALACOS bone cement. Below is a description on how the Quic-Vac Mixing Bowl is used. There are pictures on page 3 for reference.

The Quic-Vac Mixing Bowl system is simple and easy to use. This bowl has a large capacity holding up to three doses of PALACOS bone cement, so it reduces our need to open additional mixing systems for extra cement. This system also has an in-line filter to reduce harmful methylmethacrylate (MMA) fumes, which are known to have toxic side effects.

Mechanics of the Quic-Vac Mixing Bowl System
The Quic-Vac Mixing Bowl system moves a mixing paddle in a constant changing path to thoroughly mix together the monomer (liquid portion) and the polymer (powder portion) components of the bone cement. It efficiently mixes bone cement in a closed vacuum set up to reduce harmful monomer fumes being exhausted. This mixing system is used under compressed air to reduce porosity of the cement. The PALCACOS cement is compatible with this system; therefore, we will continue using it.

Components of the Quic-Vac Mixing Bowl System
The Quic-Vac Mixing Bowl system features luer lock and press fit parts for easy assembling. The bowl itself has two separate parts. It consists of a bowl and a cover. The cover has many pre-assembled features including a mixing handle, a rotating mixing paddle, and a port where the vacuum tubing attaches. The bowl and the lid have an interlocking mechanism...
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