Description About Kawasan Falls in Badian

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1. Kawasan Falls in Badian - This gorgeous cascade of nature, which is in the middle of the forest, is situated Southwest of the city. It is approximately a 2.5-3 hour drive depending on the transportation. Buses usually take 3 hours and with a private vehicle it takes a lot faster. You will be in for a little adventurebecause you have to walk for about 20 minutes from the road/parking lot to the falls itself. You might find yourself complaining from the walk, heat, and the rocky road plus carrying whatever you have with you but once you get there you couldn't help yourself but say "It's all worth it!". The place has 3 elevations that one can explore. You will get to see the major falls first, at the foot of the Kawasan Falls. Here, you can rent a bamboo raft for 250 pesos for an hour and the raft drivers will navigate the raft through the falling water, behind the falling water, under the cave and back to the open pool of water. You will surely enjoy swimming in the real nice cool water. You can also check out the “source” of the falls which is at the third elevation of the Falls. You have to be ready for more walking and an adventure of climbing. Also on your way there, you will encounter more falls along with the rivers. Finally, at the source of the falls, you can get there a great massage from forceful gush of the flowing water. The bus fare is about 110 pesos, theaccommodation ranges from 1000php-2000php. The fresh and sumptuous food they have is very affordable too. For those people who are not spending a night there you can rent a cottage and you can even bring your own food.
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