Describtive Essay on the Woods

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  • Published : January 8, 2013
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It was an early morning, beautiful and not to hot or cold to be outside to do stuff. I decided to go for a nice relaxing walk through the woods that is behind my house and clear my head with everything i was thinking about that was going on. The sight and sounds you could hear and see while walking thru the woods beautiful. There was a clear blue sky with a early morning rays of golden sunlight filtering through the gaps in the branches overhead. One of the trees is a large, graceful willow tree with feathery, delicate leaves. could see bushy-tailed squirrels scampering up nearby trees. clear, blue water fall and sees many smooth, colored rocks at the bottom where the stream is. Honeysuckles everywhere with birds on them. You can see caterpillars going up trees. you could hear the crunch of the leaves with each step. Frogs are heard weakly croaking in the distance and birds flyinng by you. You could hear snakes under the leaves and hiss. You could hear your heartbeat as you were walking and the wind blow in front of you and threw the tree’s The taste and feel while walking thru the woods was amazing. You can taste the sweat dripping down your face. He could smell earthy, fresh smells coming from the forest. The sweet aroma of flowers scented the air, mixing with rotted wood smells coming from fallen logs. The stream when a fishy smell permeates the air. The wild flowers and maple trees, Fresh cut grass. You could smell your body odor. The walk as really nice. I had time to clear my head with everything that was going on and just enjoy nice quite time to myself without anybody around me. I got to enjoy the nice relaxing sounds of the birds cherping and squirrels running all over the place.

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