Describing a Photo

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Prom Night.
As I meet up with you to enjoy a night of fun my mind recesses as I think about everything we have been through. Prom night has finally come and I have the honor of escorting you the whole night.

My photograph is of an important person this person has always been there for me and I’ve always love her. As I look back at my photo I relive our prom night over and over. As I walk up to the boat dock I spotted you, as our eyes meat I started to get the same rush as if it was tenth grade again and I’m sitting next to you in chemistry passing you notes. You’re dress hugging the curves that has everybody turning their heads. In the photograph people are able to see all the great qualities you have with its clear blue sky and your pretty red dress and bright red lips. People know that you are a risk taker not caring what anyone thinks just have you own style. And that’s what I love about photographs because if you know the person and is able to see everything with just a photo it’s a good feeling. I believe that the photo is so special because it shows the different sides we have and it was a night that we got to share together. It was a final class party. What’s special about the photo is that not only are you my friend but my girl my sexy momma as they would yell in the hallways of the school.

People take photographs to capture special moments and that’s what my photo of you does. I will hold on to the photograph forever because it captures how you look on prom night. As time goes by I will always look back in to the frozen time that we can look back and enjoy it just as if it was that very own day. My photograph is special to me because it’s my best friend, girlfriend, and my ex-girlfriend a title that no one can have.
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