Describing a Person.

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  • Published : December 20, 2012
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Liya Oganyan

Describe a person you know well and say how he changed since you first met him.

I firsr saw Edward when I graduated secondary school аnd moved up to high school. From the very beginning I could say that the guy had a great sence of humour. He was joking almost all the time. Although he wasn’t the best student, actually I should say that he was one of the worst ones in terms of marks I mean, teachers loved him for being able to get out of a difficulties with great ease. He has been very open and had lots of friends while we were studying at school. Almost everyone knew him. Most of his free time he spent with his friends in a big noisy companies where by the way he was a main figure.

After we graduated school and entered universities I haven’t seen him for a very long time. It was his Idea to gather our group together. What striked me the most when we met was how did Ed change during this time. He was like a complete new person. He used to be plump back then but now he probably had some exercises and lost som weight so he looked great. He was more mature in the sense of content. He studies in the univercity now and he works and lives apart from his family and almost has a family on his own. He still has a lot of people aroung but now he has few best friends whom he loves а appreciates more than others. Perhaps the only feature that left unimpaired is his sence of humour.

In spite of his great change he is still a great person, genuine а caring friend. We keep in touch а I am very proud а happy that I have such decent friend as him.