Describing the Events or Any Cultural Day in Your Culture

Topics: Marriage, Family, Kinship Pages: 1 (289 words) Published: April 16, 2013
In our culture there are various festivals, events and ceremonies to celebrate. In them the biggest and most beautiful event is marriage which leaves the best memorable things in our mind for our life. I have attended many marriages, the actual wedding process is for long time say for few days, where in the participation of relatives and friends in the event is most required and appreciated as well. The first part before to the marriage is the “Engagement” which is pre-event where the families of both bride and groom meet to know each other and develop the rapport. The highlight of the event is that the bride and groom exchanges the rings to their fingers, this embraces the whole event. Hereafter the preparations will start for the wedding as the shopping for clothes and requirements needed in the for the marriage. The marriage event is mostly organized by the bride family, anyways the invitation is sent to relatives and friends individually by both bride and groom families. On the wedding day the program goes on for four to five hours starting from receiving the groom by bride family till sending the bride along with groom. The whole wedding moves on as the “Brahmin”(One who chants traditional prayers) does the things and followed by his instructions. The guests are welcomed and served with good starters after the marriage is finished when the groom ties the not to bride neck , this will embark the marriage completion. Then the guests are advised to have the meal(lunch or dinner) which is served at the venue. Then at the end the bride and groom are made to sit together to have meal together in presence of both the families.
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