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My Dream
Most of us have always a dream, sometimes it is a nightmare or maybe it can be a sweet dream. A nightmare is an unpleasant dream that can cause a strong negative emotional response from the mind, typically fear or horror, but also hopelessness, upset and great sadness. While a Sweet dream for me is more about romantic scene, sometimes it can be your ideal man or man of your dreamed. I have a dream and it is about the prince of my dreams. It started when I was in a dreamland where my house is like a castle, And the prince are waiting for me in the garden. The garden has full of flowers and the colour are mostly red and pink. And it has a large pond that has many different kind of fish. In the middle of the pond there is a small arch wooden bridge. And…in the middle of the bridge, the prince are there standing bearing a rose flower waiting for me to come. When I get closer to him, I saw her face was gentle and his lips were red, and kissable. And when I touch his face, I feel the smooth shiny white skin and when the times he is smiling at me it seems I am the only one beautiful girl that has long hair. Her hair was blonde and soft and his hair was following his motion. I noticed his clothes; he was wearing a tuxedo black coat and inside was tuxedo pink shirt. It partners with a black pants and shoes. Wearing a watch in his left hand. Usually, this kind of clothes are using for informal or formal dinner or in occasion like wedding, debut or a prom. I wear a pink ball gown like the gown of princess aurora in sleeping beauty. I also wear long white leather gloves that go well above my elbow and that close with small pearl buttons at my wrist. My jewellery is understated and suitable for me. I am surprised when he grabs my hand and he places it in his shoulder and we start dancing each other. When the times come, our lips were stick to close but I heard the voice of my mom, yelling to me said that I need to wake up because it’s time to...
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