Describing Myself to a Blind Person & French

Pages: 2 (547 words) Published: November 22, 2012
Bonjour Helen!
I am so glad to hear that you will be moving into the neighbourhood. My name is Lauren, and I live right across the street. What’s that, you want to hear what I look like? Okay, I have blond hair, brown eyes, and… oh no, that won’t work, because you don’t know colours. Well for starters, my eyes look like mint chocolate tastes. They are rich and deep. My hair is like the feeling of sunshine on your face, and it almost resembles the mane of a lion. It is very long, and it reaches almost all the way down my back. I am an average height, only an inch or two taller than you are, and I also am of an average build. My skin is like the feeling of freezing snow, mixed with the crisp freshness of the first bite into the pale flesh of an apple. But, when it comes to my cheeks, they are always bright, and they look like the taste of cherries mixed with the lightness of whipped cream. I have a smile that lights up my whole face like a thousand lights strung on a towering Christmas tree. All of these things are physical though, and the best way that I can describe myself to you is to tell you about my personality. I am outgoing and an extravert, and I am definitely a people person. I am honest and a team player and I love meeting new people. If you would like, you can feel my facial features. I hope that we will be able to spend lots more time together.

Bonjour Helen!

Je suis si heureux d'apprendre que vous allez déménager dans le quartier. Je m'appelle Lauren, et je vis juste en face. Qu'est-ce que vous voulez entendre à quoi je ressemble? Bon, j'ai les cheveux blonds, les yeux bruns, et ... oh non, ça ne marchera pas, parce que vous ne connaissez pas les couleurs. Eh bien pour commencer, mes yeux ressemblent à des goûts chocolat à la menthe. Ils sont riches et profondes. Mes cheveux sont comme le sentiment de soleil sur votre visage, et il ressemble presque à la crinière d'un lion. Il est très long, et il atteint presque tout le long de...
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