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Topics: Philippines, Philippine Revolution, Emilio Aguinaldo Pages: 2 (297 words) Published: February 7, 2013
“The Philippine Revolution”

The revolution would begin at midnight, Saturday, 29 August. Aguedo del Rosario, Ramon Bernardo, Vicente Fernandez, and Gregorio Coronel were named brigadier-generals. Route for the tree commanders to take in the attack on manila were assigned. Philippine Revolution (1896-1898), called the “Tagalog War” by the Spanish, was an armed military battle between the people of the Philippines and the Spanish colonial authorities that lead in the resignation of the Philippine Islands from the Spanish Empire.

This documentary of the Philippine national heroes for their great devotion and sacrifice to the country, the Philippines. The Founders of the Philippine Revolution
Andres Bonifacio
He was one of the pioneers of the secret society KKK, and later on he became the leader of the group, inspiring and encouraging the Filipinos to join them get their liberty from the Spaniards. Emilio Aguinaldo

Aguinaldo joined the Katipunan in 1894, using “Magdalo” as his Katipunan name. He once became the mayor of Cavite, and later on became the President of the revolutionary Government which he established. The Spanish Defenses

The Katipuneros unware that the Spanish Army, had taken their plan of Revolution very seriously. Spain used their power and authority to hinder attacks. They also executed the plan of secretly attacking their enemies’ garrison. Brought them to win over the Katipuneros at the very first Battle. Government General Blanco, arise the war in the 1st eight Provinces these symbolize the eight rays of sun in the Philippine Flag. Manila Laguna

Pampanga Batangas
Bulacan Nueva Ecija
Cavite Tarlac
So the war truly began, a lot of cities and provinces were at war, led by different Katipunero leaders.

Success in cavite
During the outbreak of the war a lot of battles were won by the Filipinos defeating...
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