Describing American Pop Culture

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  • Published : January 14, 2011
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Running head: American Popular Culture

American Popular Culture
Sandi Morse
December 13, 2010
Clylinda Nixon

American Pop Culture
Describing American pop culture can entail many facets. According to Wilson, J.R., and Wilson, S. R., (2001), the term “popular culture” replaced the term, “folk culture” in the 19th century. This term consisted of street carnivals, tavern drinking, and folktales. This was separate from the so-called “elite culture,” because it consisted of fine arts, literature and classical music. According to Wilson, J.R., and Wilson, S. R., (2001), American popular culture envelopes our society to include customs and practices handed down from previous generations in regard to church, government, the media, standards of behavior, laws, and conventional practices and customs.

America is a country of grand diversity. Many different cultures have enriched our society from Latin America to Africa and Asia, which has affected much of our culture today. We have many pop culture artifact options in regard to food, movies, music, reading and religion, which impact our daily lives.

Keeping a popular culture artifact inventory for three days became an eye opening experience for me in reference to the direct correlation of the everyday patterns in pop American culture. Because of a hectic daily life, and embarrassing enough to say, each day entailed at least one trip to a fast-food establishment as opposed to cooking over a hot stove to prepare a meal for the whole family. With basketball practices and games, Christmas music programs and the Faith Outreach Church Christmas play practice and three days of the play, there was little time left for cooking. Oddly enough, the Christmas play centered in the World War II era...
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