Describe a Successful Team, in Which You Are a Member. Analyse What Makes the Team so Successful by Using Belbin's Model.

Topics: Gender role, Psychology, Learning Pages: 2 (400 words) Published: April 14, 2013
There are many possible answers to this question.

Firstly if this happen in daily class where we already know each other, we should be able to understand roughly each other personalities.

Then we would have to give each other a role in the Belbin theory. In a group they must have the people under the people orientated role, Action orientated role, thoughts oriented role. Since we roughly know each other if all of us is under the same role one should give himself and move to take others role. That way with different people in different roles they would be able to do well as a team as all are given specific roles to do. The leader should have noted each members strength and weakness and note their characteristic to assign better roles for their team mates.

Take today lesson for example. We make used of what we learned in the first lesson which is learning about each other personalities. And discovered my team consist of all the roles from the start. This makes things easier as we all have different personalities and we were able to make use of each other’s abilities to do a good job. We also give each member a chance to be the leader so as to further explore their capabilities and improve ourselves further. We also always focus the on the main problem which is our common goal.

Second case is when i have been assign to a group which i did not know.

First we would select a leader. In this case anyone can be the leader as long as he or she is responsible enough to take control. So we have to introduce ourselves to each other secondly and describe our capabilities to roughly understand each other.

The leader would then assign roles to everyone and ask them if their comfortable with it. The leader must make sure there is people orientated role, Action orientated role, thoughts oriented role given to the member and further classify them to the shaper, implementer, completer, coordinator, team worker, resource investigator, energy plant, monitor and...
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