Describe a Person

Topics: Light, English-language films, Friendship Pages: 1 (256 words) Published: September 28, 2011
Of all my best friends, I love Nhung-my old classmate most. She has the same age with me, 17 years old, and now she is a freshman in a college in my hometown. Nhung is a beautiful girl, she has light skin and wears glasses which make her seem feminine. Her height is about 1.6 metres; she is quite tall and thin. She has an oval face and straight, black hair. She looks so lovely and so cute with her rosy cheeks. There are lots of people meeting her, are impressed by her full lips and narrow nose, they are very pretty. However, I like her round and dark eyes best, because they make her more beautiful. All of the people who know her love her very much because she is not only smart, but also close, friendly, and open-mind. She is so helpful, she helps her friends, and relatives with her enthusiasm. Whenever I have troubles or meet difficulties, she doesn’t only console me, but also gives me useful advices to help me overcome all of them. Nhung is also the only friend whom I confide all of my secrets to. She dreams of becoming an excellent volunteer, so she makes every effort to do charity hoping to help the luckless people and the poor, and everyone who needs her help . I love her so much because she is not only beautiful but she is also open-hearted, and indeed, she is the true friend who I always need everytime.  
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