Describe Your Role, Responsibilities, and Boundaries in Terms Terms of the Teaching Cycle. (300 Words).

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  • Published : January 27, 2011
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1. Describe your role, responsibilities, and boundaries in terms terms of the teaching cycle. (300 words).

Being facilitator you need to be well controlled, well manner, be well able to guide, concise and punctual. Students always come to the class to learn something, to gain something, and if they find same manners in the teacher, than they have a safe and successful future. Professionalism in any sense of dealing with the students plays a great role in this aspect. Research regarding subjects is another authentic perspective in the life of a teacher. Students can get so many advantages and feedbacks from the teacher who is providing them education on the basis of research.

A respected teacher is the kind of teacher who always stays in limits; too much involvement with the students can damage the integrity and respect of the teacher, because a healthy respectful barrier between both makes the life easy, and makes them familiarize with each other more and more. There should not be any form of physical contacts between them, it is the complete violation of the personal independence and self esteem. Conversation can play a great part in the process of learning. Honesty, enthusiasm are the best companions in this way. Social and ethical values can also be kept in mind.

Responsibility is another factor between a good and nominal teacher. In the class room the teacher is in charge and responsible for the student’s behaviour, future, study, attendance etc, a good lecture and good responsible behaviour can be breath of fresh air. It will help in the motivational process of students and encourage them to work more and hard on studies to improve their results. Students should be given equal chance to express their views on the topics they study, by doing this the students get a chance to enhance their potential and get more involved in the studies.

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