Describe with Examples How Different Aspects of Development Can Affect One Another

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  • Published : October 1, 2011
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Difficulty in Sharing:
A child who does not know how to share may find social interaction with other children a problem. This can affect social development, as other children will be reluctant to play with them and may avoid any interaction. This can affect emotional development as the child will begin to feel lonely and left out, leading to feelings of sadness. Difficulty interacting:

A child who finds it difficult to interact with other children due to factors such as bullying, may find it difficult to express their feelings. They may feel unable to tell their parents or other children. This can affect development in various ways, for example social and emotional. It can lead to changes in behaviour. The child may find socialising a challenge. They may feel that all children will bully them, which then can lead to isolation, feeling lost and lonely. The child will then lose confidence, which in turn makes them feel frustrated and they may have mood swings. Difficulty Following Instructions:

A child who finds it difficult to follow simple instructions may find that most children/parents will have a negative reaction. This can make the child/young person feel angry. They can become easily frustrated and lack self confidence. In time the child could become withdrawn. They may feel as if they need to keep things to themselves. This could lead to isolation as they may have no one to talk to as they may worry they will be angry with them. Speech Impediment

Such as stuttering may lead to being unable to communicate properly with other children. The child may get frustrated and refrain from any interaction with other children. They may have little or no self confidence. This can affect emotional and social development as well as communication development. They may be bullied or picked on because of it, which in turn can lead to isolation as they may feel unable to talk to other children for fear of being ridiculed. Differing development rates...