Describe Why Schools Have Policies and Procedures and Identify the Policies and Procedures Schools May Have Relating to Staff Pupil Welfare and Teaching and Learning

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Unit 2.5 5.1 & 5.2

Describe why schools have policies and procedures and Identify the policies and procedures schools may have relating to:

a) staff
b) pupil welfare
c) teaching and learning

All schools have policies and procedures in place to support staff in their management of situations these may involve violence, threatening behaviour or abuse amongst other policies which are all legal requirements within the setting of a school, you must adhere to these policies and familiarise yourself on where these policies can be found within the school surroundings. At our school all policies can be found in Mrs McNally’s the headmistress’s office within a contained cupboard all labelled up with titles on the folders.

Policies are intended to provide a framework that ensures consistent principles are applied to practice across a school. They are not intended to detail every conceivable event that might be applied within the policy framework.

Policies can also provide prospective employees, governors and parents of prospective pupils with valuable information. For example, a prospective parent might wish to see a school’s homework policy or behaviours policy before deciding whether to apply for their child to attend the school. Similarly, a prospective employee may wish to see the school’s staff development policy, its performance management policy or its leave of absence policy before deciding whether to accept a position at the school. Closer to home, prospective governors should be made aware of any policies relating specifically to governors. These might include a governors’ induction policy, a governors’ allowance scheme or a governors’ training policy.

Policies should also enable school staff, governors, parents, LEA officers and Ofsted inspectors to see at a glance what principles they can expect to see applied at your school.

Policies and Procedures


Staff need to ensure they use confidentiality where needed. They have to be aware where they discuss sensitive information and with whom they are discussing it to. They have to make sure that all documents such as reports and records are used appropriately. They also have to be professional on how they present themselves to children and young people, other staff, other agencies parents/carers.



Unit 2.5 5.1 & 5.2

Describe why schools have policies and procedures and Identify the policies and procedures schools may have relating to:

a) staff
b) pupil welfare
c) teaching and learning

At our setting a confidentiality document has to be signed and before anyone can come into volunteer firstly a CRB check is done and then a child protection induction day is prepared. All staff are updated regular on any courses and induction days, all staff are trained in first aid, there are four designated persons within the school should anything need reporting.

Other policies that staff require are pay policies and there own personal data that is all to kept strictly confidential within the school between the staff member and the head mistress, another policy is a grievance policy between staff members and what to do next and getting the right advice some members of staff maybe part of a union that can speak on their behalf should a grievance occur.
Pupil Welfare
The pupil welfare policy is related to child protection and safeguarding of children from neglect, abuse harm etc.

Child protection is the process of protecting individual children identified as either suffering, or likely to suffer, significant harm as a result of abuse or neglect. It involves measures and structures designed to prevent and respond to abuse and neglect. Child abuse involves acts of commission and omission, which...
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