Describe What Your Role, Responsibilities and Boundaries Would Be as a Teacher in Terms of the Teaching/Training Cycle

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  • Published : March 13, 2011
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1. Identify Needs – finding out the needs of the learners can initially be addressed by referring to their application form and PAR-Q. This will help with the planning process and ensure that the schemes of work are set within the syllabus content and appropriate for the learning needs of the group and individual learner. 2. Plan and Design – preparing the climate/ environment to facilitate learning with suitable delivery resources and hand-outs. The plan and design of course should include: introduction (icebreaker), housekeeping (toilets, fire drill, emergency exit etc…), course content and learning outcomes. 3. Deliver/Facilitate – teaching and learning in a suitable manner for the group and individual learner. Facilitate learning by helping, listening, questioning and affirming. 4. Assess – ensuring your learners have learnt the necessary skills and knowledge through assignments, questioning, tests, simulations or evidence from mentors and peer groups. 5. Evaluate – obtaining feedback from the tutor/learners and reflect/evaluate in order to modify or make changes in the future. The Role of a Teacher

One of the roles of a teacher is to value all learners individually and equally. Also to create effective and stimulating opportunities for learning through high quality teaching that enables the development and progression of all learners. The role of a teacher is to plan their sessions by doing lesson plans, preparation of teaching materials, assessing their learners, evaluating themselves and their delivery, completing attendance records, maintaining records of learner progress e.g. interviews, tutorials, assessments, etc…Having a duty of care for your learners, inducting learners to the course, carrying out one to one tutorials and reviews with learners, following professional values and ethics, acting and speaking appropriately, standardising your practice with others. The teachers must also attend meetings, mark work, attend promotional events and...
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