Describe Various Uses of Nessus

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  • Published : February 22, 2012
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1. What operating systems are running on the different hosts This is done by running this command on command prompt
# nmap -sS -O “host IP address

2. What web server (if any) is running on each computer?

3. List several services running on each computer?
4. Which host had the highest number of vulnerabilites? The least number of vulnerabilities? 5. Identify one high severity vulnerability for each computer (if there is one). Describe the vulnerability and discuss control(s) to minimize the risk from the vulnerability.

Answer: one high severity vulnerability for each is port attack. vulnerability is a weakness which allows hacker to attack on system. Nessus is a vulnerability scanner that offers many features to help assess the security of control system networks, devices, servers and workstations. Control to minimize the risk from the vulnerability are:

1. Port scanning
2. Host scanning

Describe various uses of Nessus.
Answer: Its main priority is to detect the vulnurabilities on the tested systems such as follows: 1. It checks the vulnerabilities which resists a remote cracker to get control or access the sensitive data on a user systems. 2. It is used to catch the misconfiguration such as open mail relay, missing patches. 3. It is also used to catch the password related vulnerabilities such as default passwords, some common passwords, as well blank passwords on some system accounts. So to prevent all this it can also call a tool which is external called Hydra to launch the most protected dictionary attack. 4. Using mangled packets its been used for services such as denials of service. 5. It is also used in the preparation of PCS DSS audits.

What are the differences between using Nessus and Nmap?
Answer: 1. Nessus is typically port scanner tool which considered open port to check security vulnerabilities whereas Nmap is purely host detection and port discovery tool. 2 Nessus'...
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