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The University of Phoenix offers online classes to help you get your degree. When you take classes online you get to log into your classrooms anytime or anywhere just as long as they have the Internet. Once you start your classes you will log into the classroom and there are links that will take you to materials, discussion and assignments. When you go into the discussion part of the classrooms you will have an electronic forum. This is where we go to have discussions. Some of the forums are for everyone to go into and post like a main forum or a chat; some are private for just the instructor and student to communicate. The forums all have a threaded discussion; this is similar to a text message as far as the layout it’s not like a text because it is asynchronous communication which means not everyone is online at the same time. Basically, when someone starts a discussion it posts in the forum and if someone replies to that post it will link underneath it and when someone replies to that reply or even the original discussion question it will go underneath as well, they are connected with bracket lines showing you which message is connected to which this and will continue on as long as the discussion goes on. All the messages stay “threaded” in the conversation order, the reason it is referred to as threaded is because it is all connected together. The classrooms require you to participate in these forums at least 4 times a week for a participation grade. The way this works is the teacher will post a discussion question, and you will respond to it as part of the initial post for a separate grade then after that for your participation grade you will give feedback to a least 2 students 4 days a week.

A message about clarifying assignment instructions
message replying to a discussion question or discussion thread *
A message responding to a classmate’s bio
A message about a classmate’s hobby or outside interest

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