Describe Ugandan Cultural Attributes That Might Affect Operations of a Foreign Company Operating There?

Topics: Official language, Uganda, Religion Pages: 2 (480 words) Published: June 1, 2008
Uganda is a country in central Africa with a population of about 25 million people. Uganda is ethnologically diverse, with at least 40 languages in usage. Luganda is the most common language. English is the official language of Uganda, even though only a relatively small proportion of the population speaks it. Access to economic and political power is almost impossible without having mastered that language. The East African Swahili is relatively widespread as a trade language and was made an official national language of Uganda in September 2005. Luganda, a language widespread in central Uganda, has been the official language in education for central Uganda for a long time.

Two thirds of Ugandan’s are Christians who are mainly divided between Roman Catholics and Anglicans. There are also a large number of Muslims and also people following animistic religions.

Attributes that might affect the operations of a foreign company trying to operate in Uganda.

Language Barrier
Uganda is a country which has a multi ethnic, multi religious and multi language background. Even though it is stated that English is the official language as mentioned above many people speak indigenous languages such as Bantu and Nilotic. Hence resulting in a risk to the operations of the company by not being able to communicate with the locals, thus resulting in a language barrier.

Religious Concerns
Uganda is also a multi religious country with people practicing many religions. This would mean the company will have to hire employees fit to work from any religion and also respect those belonging to all religious groups in order to avoid discrimination of the workforce.

Violent Political History, Political Instability & Nepotism In the past Uganda has faced many misfortunes such as genocide & dictatorship. Hence the company may have to expect violence in the future given its past...
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