Describe the Problems Associated with Conducting a Census

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  • Published : October 8, 2012
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Describe The Problems Associated With Conducting A Census
Most countries are faced with many difficulties when attempting to conduct a census. There are physical factors such as the size and difficulties in getting to certain parts due to the terrain, wars and the climate. The social issues are the wealth of the country; many could simply not afford it. Language Barriers, the communication between a multi lingual society would be minimum and attempting to print a census in many different languages would be astronomically expensive. Also literacy levels would be high in LEDC. In Australia indigenous populations prove hard to get accurate data from due the language barriers and cultural groupings also they are nomadic and live in areas for varied amounts of time therefore census trackers are required that then need to be paid. Mexico displays the language barrier more than most countries as within this one country 12 different linguistic families are recognised, these have 40 subgroups which in turn produce 90 individual languages and not all of these are written down or taught. To attempt to print a census in each of these languages would be almost impossible and the cost would be astronomical. The countries with severe of desolate terrains would be exceptionally hard to track correctly as reaching people who live in exceptionally mountainous areas, deserts or places with none or very few roads is very difficult and very expensive. China is a good example of this as their terrain varies dramatically from mountainous regions to desolate deserts which host a lot of nomadic workers who travel across an area half the size of Europe with their animals. They could be missed out completely, giving false data. Their one child law almost certainly results in false data due to people not divulging the correct information on their children for fear of fines or prosecution. The caste system proved to be a major hindrance as well due to certain there being only certain...
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